What are you the poster child for? Part Deux

I took a few days to really consider the question from my previous post.

First, having an inquisitive and analytical mind, I researched the definition of poster child:

A person or thing that epitomizes or represents a specified quality, cause, etc.

OK, after much self-reflection, several things came to mind:

  • Being in service to Veterans.
  • A strong advocate for the well being of animals and our Home World.
  • Living authentically.
  • Surviving years of abuse and addiction.

What really resonates with me these days is communicating ideas that I feel are really important for the human population to cooperate with one another, and everything else that inhabits planet Earth.

The ancient Greeks named the world Gaea or Gaia.

The Romans, who “borrowed” the Greek gods when Rome conquered Greece but gave them Latin names, renamed Gaia “Terra.” And that’s the scientific name of the third planet in the Sol system.

Other names include the Mother Earth, Big Blue Marble, third rock from the Sun, and the blue pebble in the cosmic ocean.

Regardless of her name, she is all we have to live on at this time and the foreseeable future.

I firmly believe that as a species, humans are incredibly smart, yet, we don’t always act that way. Time and again we act without considering the ramifications of our actions. Animals live in accord and in cooperation with Earth. Our ancestors inherently understood the dance and lived, for the most part, in harmony with their habitat.

It’s beyond time we remember the dance of life with each other, and with all others on our Home World. That starts with you and me seeing each other as one.

We are Homo sapiens sapiens – subspecies of Homo sapiens; includes all modern races.

I found an fascinating article the postulates our potential future:


Whatever becomes of us, now is the time to live in cooperation with one another.

In Oneness.

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What are you the poster child for?

I was recently reading an email from Ash Ambirge, the brilliant Founder of The Middle Finger Project®. The subject of this particular email is: On Branding Your Work With Balls (Featuring THE BEST QUESTION EVER).

The BEST QUESTION EVER: What are you the poster child for?

The question had me stop in my tracks and reflect. What is the answer? What do I stand for?

As Ash further stated: What do you represent? And what do you want your creation to represent?

Too often, brilliant work gets trivialized.

Too often, we drown in our own details, unable to see that we’re all poster children for something—whether we’ve chosen our own image or not.

Hmmmm. My mind is whirring, reaching into the far recesses, searching my past, my history, and my current standing to answer this question.

Check in on my next post for the answer!

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Outrage and Wisdom

The events of the most recent days have given me pause to reflect on events over the past year. The eleven Jews who were killed in their house of worship is by far the most heinous of crimes against our fellow humans. 

So much hate. So much deviant behavior. So few answers.

All the while I have remained mostly silent and watched without asking, “Why?”.

This last tragedy was the final proverbial straw. I choose silence no longer. I am compelled to write, to share what wants to be stated, a message beyond my human intellect and consciousness.

When I first heard about the eleven people who were killed in Squirrel Hill over the weekend of Oct 27, I filed the information away with all of the past tragic events in the far recesses of my mind. Pittsburgh shooting: Gunman kills 11, facing federal hate crime investigationWashington Post

I read FB posts written by friends and family, mourning the loss of life, of fellow Jews, and something clicked in my brain. I felt the entire weight of everyone who were also mourning. The weight upon my heart was unbearable. I began talking with my wife, Ashara, about how I felt. The words choking in my throat, I began to weep. We held each other, giving ourselves the space to openly share the grief. 

I could not reconcile my belief that on some level, perhaps at a Soul level, those eleven people agreed to the event, to be killed to shine more light on the human condition we are facing these days. To cause humanity to come together as never before. 

People of other faiths and religions came together to aid the families of the eleven. Could it be that such acts of hatred and violence are the only ways to get our attention as a society in this day and age? Are goodness and civility not enough? Have Respect and dignity for each other gone by the wayside?

I recently completed a book, “Who Do We Choose To Be?”, by Margaret J. Wheatley. Through research for her book she learned from the writings of Sir John Glubb who described that, since the beginning of recorded history, civilizations have declined in ten generations, about 250 years. He described in his book, “The Fate of Empires”, the six ages of a civilization’s growth and collapse. 

Having read this book, and understanding our society today, I believe we are in the sixth, and final age, The Age of Decadence. 

Borrowing from the book: ‘Frivolity, aestheticism, hedonism, cynicism, pessimism, narcissism, consumerism, materialism, nihilism, fatalism, fanaticism and other negative behaviors and attitudes suffuse the population. Politics is increasingly corrupt, life increasingly unjust.’

But, by being aware of these facts, we have a choice to live with intent and purpose as Warriors for the Human Spirit, as Ms. Wheatley writes. In fact, she defines a Warrior for the Human Spirit is a decent human being who aspires to be of service in an indecent, inhumane time. Click this link for more information:


I’ve lived the past ten plus years as a Heart Warrior, very similar to what Ms. Wheatley has written about, and provides training for people who resonate with this.

My choice is to live more present, in the moment, from my Heart each and everyday.

How about you?


Glenn is a certified life and empowerment coach called to serve humanity. It’s his life’s purpose.

See my coaching websites for more information. I hope to serve you one day.



We cannot change the way the world is, but by opening to the world as it is we may discover that gentleness, decency and bravery are available, not only to us, but to all human beings.  Chogyam Trungpa, Buddhist teacher


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