What are you the poster child for? Part Deux

I took a few days to really consider the question from my previous post.

First, having an inquisitive and analytical mind, I researched the definition of poster child:

A person or thing that epitomizes or represents a specified quality, cause, etc.

OK, after much self-reflection, several things came to mind:

  • Being in service to Veterans.
  • A strong advocate for the well being of animals and our Home World.
  • Living authentically.
  • Surviving years of abuse and addiction.

What really resonates with me these days is communicating ideas that I feel are really important for the human population to cooperate with one another, and everything else that inhabits planet Earth.

The ancient Greeks named the world Gaea or Gaia.

The Romans, who “borrowed” the Greek gods when Rome conquered Greece but gave them Latin names, renamed Gaia “Terra.” And that’s the scientific name of the third planet in the Sol system.

Other names include the Mother Earth, Big Blue Marble, third rock from the Sun, and the blue pebble in the cosmic ocean.

Regardless of her name, she is all we have to live on at this time and the foreseeable future.

I firmly believe that as a species, humans are incredibly smart, yet, we don’t always act that way. Time and again we act without considering the ramifications of our actions. Animals live in accord and in cooperation with Earth. Our ancestors inherently understood the dance and lived, for the most part, in harmony with their habitat.

It’s beyond time we remember the dance of life with each other, and with all others on our Home World. That starts with you and me seeing each other as one.

We are Homo sapiens sapiens – subspecies of Homo sapiens; includes all modern races.

I found an fascinating article the postulates our potential future:


Whatever becomes of us, now is the time to live in cooperation with one another.

In Oneness.

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