What are you the poster child for?

What are you the poster child for?

I was recently reading an email from Ash Ambirge, the brilliant Founder of The Middle Finger Project®. The subject of this particular email is: On Branding Your Work With Balls (Featuring THE BEST QUESTION EVER).

The BEST QUESTION EVER: What are you the poster child for?

The question had me stop in my tracks and reflect. What is the answer? What do I stand for?

As Ash further stated: What do you represent? And what do you want your creation to represent?

Too often, brilliant work gets trivialized.

Too often, we drown in our own details, unable to see that we’re all poster children for something—whether we’ve chosen our own image or not.

Hmmmm. My mind is whirring, reaching into the far recesses, searching my past, my history, and my current standing to answer this question.

Check in on my next post for the answer!

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