Glenn Weissel, Spiritual & Visionary Story Teller

Glenn’s passion for photography began when he was a boy living in Brooklyn, NY and he received a Kodak Brownie camera as a gift. Since those early days of using a simple camera Glenn continues to refine his craft using 35mm film and digital SLR cameras creating Spiritually-guided visionary art and fine art.

Influenced by his environment & inspired by living on Harmony’s Heart Farm with his wife and family of horses, cats and dogs, Glenn continues to evolve as an artist photographing nature, old homesteads and farms. He credits photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edouard Boubat, Ansel Adams, and Art Wolfe for the beautiful images they created and they are some of his inspiration.

Glenn’s gift is to feel into the precise moment when all elements of life come together to create art that offers a reflection of the limitless nature of ourselves in The Universe. This has led to his latest body of work: The Soul Essence Collection, offering a glimpse into the inner joy as Spirit on a human journey.

“Photography has been my passion for many years and it is my life’s mission to reflect the beauty of our souls and our home world in heartfelt photographic fine art.”